Monday, February 28, 2011

The Environment is precious, Every little trash counts

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Trash Kills....
Think before you litter....

By Joshua Leong

Other spec's:
Handphone: Samsung Omnia 2
Using 5.0Megapixel handphone camera
Exposure: +0.5
Image Quality: Fine
Used Iphoto and Preview to edit
Saturation: +3
Def and de-noise: Max

Monday, February 7, 2011

Bad design... booooo...

Badly Designed Product:
Automatic door(both sliding and opening)
The automatic door is a bad design as it does not always open, even when you are standing right in front of it. Furthermore, the sensor does not sense that there is a person in between the doors and will proceed to shut the doors, which can lead to accidents.

Flinging Open:
The door does not have stickers or signs to tell you which way the door is going to open or it may have signs but are too small for a person to read them before it(door) crashes into them.

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